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Building on the existing close relationship between the two companies, TecExec has increased its shareholding in Maelstrom in a debt for equity swap, agreed with the Maelstrom shareholders in May 2019. The effect has been to improve Maelstrom's balance sheet whilst also simplifying the tax position of the group.

Peter Brown, who has a directorship role in both companies, stated "this move recognises the contribution made by TecExec over the years towards Maelstrom's continuing development and ensures that the two companies remain closely aligned in terms of exploring new technical and business opportunities for the benefit of all shareholders."

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A 12 month Innovate UK project called GRADIS (Graphene Dispersion in Polymers) was successfully completed in April 2019. The object of this project was to employ Maelstrom mixing technology to examine the viability of exfoliating graphite into graphene directly within a viscous polymer matrix.

Maelstrom's pilot-scale UML Ultramixer, an inline mixer with a built-in extrusion capability, was used to incorporated high purity graphite from a metered feed into a range of common rubber compounds. The resulting materials were examined under electron and optical microscopes and a high degree of graphite delamination was observed. Since the project ended, testing has continued on the bulk properties of the materials and results are being shared with participating materials companies.

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A TecExec-led project to investigate the milling of small crystalline active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) completed its formal completion assessment in April this year. However, work is continuing on the project which uses the Maelstrom ConCor mill to grind and then disperse API ingredients into common solvents to increase their surface area and therefore their reactivity and speed of absorption. Initial work on aspirin and ibuprofen crystals have shown promising results, with much higher throughputs than competitive milling methods.

Commenting on the results so far, David Brown of TecExec said, "This project is enabling us to demonstrate a practical application of Maelstrom's ConCor technology in solving a real problem for the pharmaceutical industry. We have suspected for some time that the ConCor could achieve this result, but with the support of Innovate UK, we have now been able to prove it."

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