TecExec currently has significant holdings in the following ventures:

Since 1998, Maelstrom Advanced Process Technologies has provided advanced high performance fluid mixing systems to solve specific process problems. Creating ultra-stable emulsions and fine dispersions of particles in liquids requires high energy mixing and Maelstrom has developed and patented new ways of achieving this at high flowrates with low energy and low costs. Please see the Maelstrom website for more information.


CDDMtec logoFormed in 2012 as a joint venture between Unilever plc and TecExec, CDDMtec aims to exploit Unilever's patented CDDM mixing technology by developing and selling solution packages for challenging process problems.  CDDM is a proprietary inline mixing and reaction technology developed internally by Unilever in the 1990's.  Its performance has been well characterised and is known to exceed all other inline mixing technologies across a wide range of applications, whilst being very cost-effective to operate.  In partnership with TecExec, Unilever is now looking to target niche applications where CDDM can make a game-changing difference outside the normal Unilever fields of interest.  CDDMtec will develop process and equipment patents for these specific applications and then licence the registered intellectual property and know-how to major players in those areas.  Please see the CDDMtec website for more information.