Partner Search

TecExec is constantly searching for individuals and companies who may be interested in partnering to develop new business opportunities.

We are especially keen to make contact with experts in specific industry sectors where process technologies have a major influence.  Partnership opportunities may include co-development of new business, provision of consultancy services (in either direction) or technology and know-how licensing.

The following sectors are of particular interest to us at the moment:

  • Petrochemical¬†industry - our technologies can be used to create highly controlled nano emulsions or to modify the properties of fluids
  • Cement industry - we have technologies able to process cement to nanoparticle sizes for improved strength and reduced setting times
  • Pasteurisation and sterilisation of foods and pharmaceuticals - we have process technology in development that can potentially offer high throughput, low cost destruction of pathogens at ambient temperature or disruption of cells for lysis.
  • Cell disruption and lysis - our controlled shear equipment allows high throughput fragmentation of cell membranes for controlled release of contents (essentially this is a de-tuned version of the sterlisation technology).
  • Pigments and inks - we have access to highly efficient nanodispersion technology which allows improved utilisation of nano-scale pigments and extremely tight control over particle size distribution for cost reduction and optical performance improvements. A significant amount of R&D has been completed already on this topic by our partners and we are now targeting specific commercial exploitation opportunities.

If you are not working in any of these areas but would like to talk to us about a potential partnership in your particular area of expertise, we would really like to hear from you.