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From November 2011, the TecExec laboratory will move from its existing industrial unit in Denton near Manchester to a new unit three times larger in Hadfield.  Conveniently, this is much closer to the main offices of TecExec, which remain in Glossop.  Commenting on the move, Operations Director Peter Brown said, “we are delighted to make this long overdue move which allows us the room to expand our range of operations and the size of projects we can take on.  We managed to secure the last unit in the complex on excellent terms and we look forward to starting the fitting-out next month.”

The new unit is located in the Graphite Way development in Hadfield, Derbyshire and has a floor area of 175 sq.m without mezzanine.  Some of the space will be used temporarily by subsidiary Maelstrom for customer trials and testing of its fluid mixing machines.

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