From the 31st March 2011, TecExec has withdrawn from operational involvement with the Watson Brown HSM business although it retains a substantial shareholding in the business.  This has freed David and Chris Brown to pursue the original strategy for TecExec, which is expected to result in strong growth for the group over the coming years.

From its formation in 1992, TecExec has been focused on building technology-based businesses using its combination of technical and executive management skills.  By 2000, it had two subsidiary companies in its portfolio but a condition of obtaining finance for these companies was that TecExec needed to provide strong management involvement and commitment.  This made it very difficult to explore other business opportunities and essentially limited the growth potential of TecExec itself.

” Now that we are able to spend more time identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, we can at last return to the original strategy for TecExec whilst keeping all stakeholders satisfied”, said David Brown.  “We are already looking at several exciting possibilities, some of which will make use of existing technologies in the Maelstrom portfolio”.

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